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I Have a Confession

i desperately need to talk. about everything that is going on righ now. it seems that if i talk to someone i know they just judge me or give me their opinoin wich would be nice if that was what i was... [more]
  • I Use Implanon

    Just Started Today i just got implanon implanted today. im 18years old. i thought it would be doing the right thing cause the nurse said i could not have my period or lighter ones and that it was very effective birthcon… [more]
  • I Need to Talk

    Final Nail In My Coffin Well. i was talkin with my friend yesterday. we used to like eachother alot. then suddenly it just stopped. i still like him. well. liked. but yesterday he said his mum was tryin to set him up on a… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    He Is Perfect. my best friend is amazing. he is good at everything. from drawing and art to playing any instrament imaginable. i realized i more than just liked him in the 8th grade. he was dating my friend. i wa… [more]
  • I Texted Until Five In the Morning

    Its A Lovely Conversation. i was up till early this morinin texting a friend who got of the second shift at work. (3pm to 11pm) we usually talk until one of us either falls asleep or has to go to bed. aperently neither of us… [more]