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I Use Implanon

Just Started Today i just got implanon implanted today. im 18years old. i thought it would be doing the right thing cause the nurse said i could not have my period or lighter ones and that it was very effective... [more]
  • I Need to Talk

    Final Nail In My Coffin Well. i was talkin with my friend yesterday. we used to like eachother alot. then suddenly it just stopped. i still like him. well. liked. but yesterday he said his mum was tryin to set him up on a… [more]
  • I Texted Until Five In the Morning

    Its A Lovely Conversation. i was up till early this morinin texting a friend who got of the second shift at work. (3pm to 11pm) we usually talk until one of us either falls asleep or has to go to bed. aperently neither of us… [more]
  • I Fell In Love With My Best Friend

    He Is Perfect. my best friend is amazing. he is good at everything. from drawing and art to playing any instrament imaginable. i realized i more than just liked him in the 8th grade. he was dating my friend. i wa… [more]
  • I Love Food

    I Love Eating Good Tasting Food i like to eat yes. but only good tasting food. if it tasts bad i only have a small portion of it. i love lasagna, pizza, chilli, ruben samwiches, french dip samwiches, potatoes and almost e… [more]
  • School Confessions

    i just applied to a community college nearby with out consulting my mom. i still have to fill out scholar ship stuff and what not. but its the college i want to go to. its cheap. and i dont know if i should have told her first...... its dumb i know but i fel guilty for not telling her. was i wrong to apply??… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    need to talk
    i desperately need to talk. about everything that is going on righ now. it seems that if i talk to someone i know they just judge me or give me their opinoin wich would be nice if that was what i was looking for. i just want someone to listen to me. alot is going on. i might not be able to see my boyfrend fore three months. life seems to be going down the drain again. :(… [more]
  • School Confessions

    one act
    my schools one act is going to all state!!! i am so friggin nervouse! theres nineteen schools per district and only two from state get to go. its an amazing thing but im so not ready. its in ames. and we are one out of 8 to perfrom. i dnt want to, its going to b loads of fun, but idk.. i dont want to fail my teacher/ coach ya know? :/ help… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    im so hypocritical
    ok, so im a hypocrite like to the tenth degree. i liked this guy who was TEN years my senior, and well obviously THAT worked out. :( anyways. so i moved on. i started hanging with this guy whos like totaly awesome. he likes me. and i like him. but hes like 2 years younger than me. i have a huge moral delema here. what am i going to do?? i dont know why but i cant get over that. is there sumthing wrong with me!?!? i want to like go with him but my best frend thinks it would b a bad idea cuz hes like constantly in trouble but hes really sweet and a gian goof ball. i dont know what to do. help.… [more]

    Posted on: June 10th, 2010 at 6:20PM

    i was watching videos on youtube by my favorite band. i couldnt help but wonder why we are even at war. does anyone really have a good, definite answer for this? of course not. we the people arent ment to know why our govornment sucks royaly. we shoot because we are afraid of what they could do. we fight blind. at home we pick up the empty rounds so our crimes cant be detected, but over seas this would be what we elected. the ones who know what i mean are the ones you avoid. their anger outrage & voice is heard. clutch ur purse close to ur chest. you have no idea wats going thru their mind & its probably not your leather prada purse. so many things are wrong with this world. everyone goes o… [more]