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tall,tanned haha. i like a good laugh, bit of a party freak if i'm honest

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Music hip hop, RnB, rock, country, pop...alot of genres to be honest.
Movies horror....the good old classic stuff that they dont make anymore
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I Am A Sagittarius

<3 To Be A Sagittarius! i love being a sagittarius :D i couldnt have asked for a sexier sign than this! lol but seriously im truly sagittarius by heart and by nature! i cant wait to get my tattoo to show how proud i am of my... [more]
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    what to do?
    i have no idea what to do, i have a long distance boyfriend i love him so much and he wants me to move in with him when ive finished college in a few months. i also dislike college, i cant stand it and i want to drop out. i love all my friends and family and im stuck in a dead end job, i can rarely afford to see my boyfriend all the time but i love him sooo much!  i have a big feeling im going to be kicked out of college anyway so should i drop out and save myself the embarrasment of failing/being kicked out? i move in with my boyfriend and leave behind my friends and family? or do i give up on the best love ive ever known to stay where i am? everythings telling me to go to him...i know… [more]