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My name is Lauren. I am nineteen but I'm regularly mistaken for a twelve year old. I am a person with a pencil and a notebook full of dreams.

I am a very open minded and supportive individual. I love to help others and never ask for anything in return.

I am a strong believer in equality, so if you are either homophobic, racist, or just a close minded individual what so ever then I would strongly suggest you back track off my page and NOT waste your time talking to me.

I don't look back on life I live it. Ignorance ****** me off. If you want to talk to me, don't waste my time.

I find that everyone is beautiful in their own way but if you have an ugly personality odds are I will stop talking to you. I am a person who surrounds myself with positive, real, people. Popularity and fitting in are the least of my worries. I'm a loser, glambert and a gleek and I am proud of my own little world I find myself living in. I enjoy being alone, I don't seek nor crave attention. I can be alone in my room with a notebook and my music and I am fairly content. I don't need to be surrounded by people and I'm cool with it.

I'll end up being one of the weirdest people you've probably met .

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Favorite Quote “That which makes you different is what makes you strong. Whether you’re gay, straight, orange, purple, dinosaur… I don’t care.”--Darren Criss
  • a little Irish
  • and a little German
  • and a little American
Vices Caffeine, being attracted to gay men,
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Aquarius
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    I am always so insecure.
    High School the time of our lives right? The golden years? The days we will always remember? The days that we will one day come to miss.... I don't know about high school being the time of my life and I don't think I would ever miss that place but I do know for sure that my experiences in high school would be experiences I would never forget. That disgusting feeling I would get every morning when I woke up and would watch myself in the mirror as I would get ready knowing I'm never going to be good enough in everyone's eyes, that I wouldn't measure up to their potential, that I would never be pretty enough, or skinny enough. I have always felt like that and going to high school had only made … [more]