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despite of being lovable..I'm also funny and easy to be with person..

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I Am a Person Who Thinks Way to Much

Maybe I Take It That Serious. When sometimes I get involved in any matter such as problems like fighting. I am then thinking way too much a sort of strategy to get my revenge. But I just wanted to ignore it but as I sleep. Its... [more]
  • I Am Filipino

    My Experience Project April 29,2012, I have joined experience project...the reason why??? ☻ first my friend and I was about to make a blog-site, to post our blogs and stories ☻second she found a… [more]
  • I Believe In Soulmates

    Heart Floats Sometimes, we can't get the feeling of being so happy, when someone you know is looking at you in a different way. Different way in a way that you feel so special about it, because the look that… [more]
  • I Had Bad Teacher's

    That Malicious Teacher Once again, it suddenly happened. Why does he keep doing that?? One of my teacher, lets just say has an unacceptable sexual behavior. In class. he always talk things about or that related to sex… [more]
  • I Am Filipino

    I Am A Proud Pinoy Not only we have the most beautiful places but we also have the most beautiful faces in our country. The attitude that we carry is one thing others don't have. The ability and unique skills that we do… [more]
  • The Not Totally Absent Teacher

    Posted on: May 10th, 2012 at 10:52AM

    A teacher is supposed to give lessons in a subject that he/she handles to a class. But why is it that some teachers just can't handle their responsibilities and the things he/she should do??Last time I checked, a teacher should teach lessons to students, because that's his/her job. but sadly some of them can't.My teacher nowadays are in school, but sometimes he/she is late but. he/she is not teaching. It's like he/she is physically present but mentally absent.The only thing he/she do is give us, well a sort of an activity and after is a homework that is related to our subject. And that's it. Done. Class dismissed.Should I be happy because i have free time to do the things I wanted to do ? or… [more]