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I Am a Victim of Emotional Abuse

'almost Abused', Does That Exsist? This might sound weird but I felt really unsave as a child, my mum was sick and my new born brother stayed at my steph anty and uncle for 6 years so only my stephdad was in the house. When I was about... [more]
  • I Was Abducted By Aliens

    A Dream Of Blue Beings I had a dream about lying on a mental plato and many blue small beings around me working on my body. How do I find out if this was just a dream or real? Any thoughts?… [more]
  • I Keep Hearing Voices

    Visions & Voices Well I am cutting down my medicines and I have voices sometimes when I want to sleep. I understand them better now and looking into underlying emotions which I have to solve. For info about hearing vo… [more]
  • I Keep Hearing Voices

    Do Negative Suppressed Feelings Attrack Negative Spirits? Are negative voices, negative suppressed feelings, which also can attrack negative spirits? What are your thoughts?… [more]
  • I Keep Hearing Voices

    Male Voices My voices are usually male also my soul feels male though I myself am female. Could these be voices of suppressed emotions i have regarded to the male relationships i had?… [more]