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I Have a Weird Sense of Humor

I Laugh Inappropriately At The Show, "intervention" I've never watched Intervention before yesterday. I am a compassionate person, and I couldn't stop watching because I was intrigued how someone could become addicted to keyboard air sprayers. It... [more]
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    I am going to live with this pain...
    I always have to remind myself that these people are not my friends, the people that I go out with regularly, the ones who ignore me now and pretend like I'm not a person. I always have to remind myself to live for the Lord because these people are hurting me. I don't understand why they won't help me when they see I'm drowning. I guess they don't give a damn about me. It's made me feel better to be completely aware that these people are not my friends, even when they kinda pretend to be. It helps a lot to know that you can't make people like you or love you the way you want them to. Sometimes they just aren't able to. Sometimes they're just much too weak, and I realize it's my fault for pi… [more]
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    I sometimes hope that I get in a fatal car accident...
    I am 25. I am falling apart. I would like to have the balls to bear down and cut so that the pain can flow out because I can't hold it all in here. I can't unload it on a counselor. They'll send me away and I have too many things I need to do, I think. My life is pointless. I would like someone to love me. A true, deep, hard kind of love. I feel stupid when I cry. I hate crying. I keep leaking. I drive without a seatbelt or hope that I get hit while crossing the street to save me the trouble. I won't kill myself. I don't think I can be helped. But if you think I can, please help me. I am tired of being this walking, talking blob. I am so tired. I am begging to be significant. I want to … [more]