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The most beautiful songs I have heard were not created by man, but between two barred owls or the unorthodox yowls of coyotes.

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I Want to Live In the Wilderness

They called it "The Perch"It was the little shelter we lived in last summer, tucked away in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. I applied for an internship to help out a family on a small... [more]
LoneWolfWanderer has shared 6 Mature Experiences
  • I Don't Wear Makeup

    I Refuse! I refuse to wear makeup. People have told me I need it (especially my mom) because I've always had a problem with acne. I find it offensive. The only beauty, to me, is natural beauty. If I can't be na… [more]
  • I Dropped Out of College

    Well, Not Yet But I Plan To School has never been a place for me, even going through high school made me depressed. I never felt good enough, or "smart" enough because I didn't care to absorb what was always meaningless to me. H… [more]
  • I Love Playing In the Mud

    In A Totally Non-sexual Way It's! You can mold it you can splash it you can squish it in your toes... Make mud pies! Throw some grass on top! Maybe some twigs! Isn… [more]
  • I Hate Society

    We're Meant To Live With Nature We're meant to live one with nature, not this unnatural man-made society. I know, at least for me, being in a forest feels like home. Being in a crowd or within the stream of society (school, work, et… [more]
  • Intersecting Lives

    Posted on: December 21st, 2011 at 9:08PM

    It's mind blowing to think of every person on this planet as having long, complicated stories that make up their lives. To look at lives beyond your own. There are so many...sometimes it's hard to look past your own, to see only your life as full and as detailed as it is, and to see everyone else as just a "person". To think that if you knew everyone you saw, very well, your perspective of them would change dramatically. They would no longer be just ants on this planet we share. And these lives are so interconnected. Some clash when they mix, and negative experiences result. But other times, two will clash and become something more beautiful than what they were on their own. Sometimes they m… [more]


  • Maine..!

    Posted on: February 8th, 2012 at 1:55PM

    So I'm working till May, when I am travelling to Maine to live and learn on a farm. Since I don't have school holding me back in life anymore, I will probably stay for a year.Last night I read through a lot of my old online journals and it was shocking to see how terrible I was in high school, how depressed I was to a scary level. But it was amazing to see how much I have progressed since then. My views on life have changed to much more positive ones, strengthening ones. Yes, I am different. I place the laws of nature before the laws of society, I don't belong in the average human way of living/society.And beyond popular belief.. I don't need a college career to live well OR be "successful".… [more]


  • Whatever Happens

    Posted on: December 16th, 2011 at 2:05AM

    I am twisted, I am lost. I don't know what to do. My feelings are too confusing for human words to describe but this is my present, not my future. And I can FEEL. After being numb, for so many years. And I am finally...finally above my depression, I never thought it would end...I really never thought it would end.......I was admired for being selfless, but that compliment on who I used to be makes me feel disturbed now. For I was selfless because I didn't care about my existence. I was dying inside, so much pain, everyday..I begged for death, so many times. I gave my life to something else, because I couldn't trust myself with it. I proved that.Now I have a self..I know what I want, and I ha… [more]


  • A Life Adventure

    Posted on: October 20th, 2011 at 9:23PM

    I'm deciding to leave school. Yup, it's just not for me. My grades are fine, my heart and spirit is not. I don't know what I'm going to do exactly or where I'm going to go but that's what makes it an adventure right?! I want to live and learn how to live off the land, so I can homestead and live like an Indian :p It's a huge goal of mine, my most important. It's taken me a lot of courage to get myself to walk away from the familiar life we're all forced to live, but I can't live depressed like I've been..for far too long..dreaming but never doing because of the constraints of society. But I've finally gotten there, I have enough strength to follow my dreams and my heart.… [more]