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Trying to find myself.I see the lightouse but yet I'm blind.-This Is Me

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I Feel Awkward

I Battle Myself Well nearing my 19th year alive in a few months from now,sadly to say,time is moving faster.Nevertheless my postion in one that I feel like lying under the bedsheets allday to w/ only the... [more]
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  • I Feel Life Is Just Passing Me By

    Never Had A Male Influnce Besides....... When I wake up in the morning I can go take a whizz and get the crumbs out of my eyes,while looking in the mirror.Though it isn't hard what so ever in this universe to look at me I hate to think in me… [more]
  • I Love Giantess

    My Side Of The Tracks Some times while I'm in the mood or idead I want to be shrunked down to size in front of a nice commanding playful beatuiful girl.and be her plaything sexually or just like a male baribe doll to her.i… [more]
  • I Say Dont Underestimate Me

    I Wanna Belike A Re-chargeable Battery But I'm Tired From This Road I mentally feeling drained from the ordeal of being high and drunk off my ***,in the past. Every since less then a month in highschool,up until Febuary of this year I have been smoking weed almost da… [more]
  • I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

    The Start To A Fall. I think about my past so much,that I get tired of thinking of why I do.My life started taking a turn for the worse when I was in 4th grade.Oneday I was sitting in the middle of the bus.Then this guy f… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    "What is The Norm"
    When I wake up in the morning I can go take a whizz and get the crumbs out of my eyes,while looking in the mirror.Though it isn't hard what so ever in this universe to look at me I hate to think in me if that makes sense.For the longest I've always put down my own thoughts and actions always thinking my voice sounded werid or was to light bass.From Nov2011-May2012 I worked at Home Depot as a lot attendent.Stright up working there was hell for me.Knowing this might make you feel alot better lol.But while there I did grow beyond what I had expected and endured alot more critism and feel my brain was exploited and shown.Meaning that people say if you think you are or if you think they notice th… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Spin off random
    Good evening everybody well back to write another confession now this was just a random post. So my third cousin passed away I didn't know her well but I do give her family condolence and she is my cousin so I wish her well. Here's then embarrassing parts(as you might know I stay w/ my grandparents and my mom same household) and they decided they wanted to go to the funeral, but I don't want to go. Here's the reason why I already feel self-conscious about never having a girlfriend. Because I do not I am an attractive guy I do know I have the personality over time not using my personality I do believe it's harder to come out to have experimented with certain things that I haven't done so a fi… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    The Way it is PART 1.
    My mom doesn't tell me shy is quietly selling on, and I was younger I used to be very full of energy and life you know you know. Don't things to back myself away from the whole social scene as I've gotten older. Don't I've done things just to try to fit as I've gotten older as my minds eye has gotten older I've never really cared about the whole popularity in having friends type of thing I'd say until I reached fourth grade. But even then I still sort of remain true to know how I felt and I remember this guy I was his mind my business site in the middle of the bus in the middle you know those kids is in the middle of the school bus and Scott comes to me from the back of the bus so you know h… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Sometimes I tend to try and act like something I'm not.
    I can be so nice that it might confuse a person....So it tend to want to act like the "hoog or ghetto dudes"cause they can act hard and still get friends,girls have fun....But I havent been me being nice in so long I forgot how it is and I havent been happy and while so why would I....Im by no means a pushover but it can come off as that and I at times seem to be so "POLTICALLY INCORRECT and so DIRECT" thats its frank.… [more]