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I Have a Confession

All throughout my childhood, I've had nightmares where I'd be kidnapped, raped, and beaten. For the longest time I believed that it happened in  a past life. However, now I think I may want it to... [more]
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  • I Go Barefoot to the Store

    Barefoot At Mcdonalds One day, I was at McDonalds with one of my co-workers (we both work at this particular one). I had sandls on which usually means that I will not wear them less I absolutly have to. We were walking out… [more]
  • I Hate Children

    The Demon Child My nephew is the demon child in my eyes. He is loud, obnoxous, annoying as hell and doesn't know how to shut up...ever... He always wants to play with me and see what i'm doing even though it's … [more]
  • I Vomited In Public

    At Mcdonalds I had a tooth infection that my parents insisted that was just a wisdom tooth coming in. I already had a few days off work. My face was swollen and I just got there after eating what little I could fo… [more]
  • I Wish I Was Happy With Myself

    I Know It's Bad... I know it's bad that I hate my body and hate the way that I have to lie to everyone for them to accept me. I've tried to show them myself and instead got shunned, so I know that I can't be that person… [more]