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I Want To Diee

My "suicidal bucket list" I've really been struggling to talk myself into hanging on these days. Then I thought if people make bucket lists of all the stuff they want to do before the clock runs... [more]
  • I Have Multiple Sclerosis

    One Extreme Or The Other Life with ms has been a roller coaster. When I was first diagnosed, everyone practically acted like I was dying & did everything shy of offering to chew my food for me. But now that it's "old news", p… [more]
  • I Feel Like I Am Just Existing

    The Endless Chore I have a husband & kids that I love to death, & that's really the only reason I'm still here. My life just feels like a neverending chore that I never get done. The worst part is, I feel like I … [more]
  • I Have Premonitions That Comes True

    Bad Feelings I often get a bad feeling before something bad happens. No specifics like who it is, or what is going to/did happen to them, I just know something bad is coming. The latest was a bad feeling followed … [more]
  • I Have Premonitions That Comes True

    Not Alone I was cruising through my Facebook last night & saw my step-cousin posted that she gets dreams that predict deaths & pregnancies. I told her about the bad feelings & predictions I get (& that they hit… [more]