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I'm an open minded kind of person and follow a kind of scientific method style of thinking and living. It is very easy for people, including myself, to label me as a nerd or a geek. After all, I don't ever remember anyone else mentioning that their childhood hero's were an astronomer/astrophysicist and a science fiction character. I'm trying to get in touch with my, for lack of a better term, spiritual side. Although, I'm certain that the various religious institutions have nothing to offer me. Oh and this really should be obvious after say a minute of looking at my blog, I'm a gamer, I pwn da n00bs 'n' T-bag 'em good.

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Favorite Quote Learn from your mistakes so that you may repeat them precisely.
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Vices Alcohol (still, *sigh* at least I'm not drinking as much as I once did), lack of sleep, lazy, hatred... I could go on... but I'm glad to report that I'm not smoking cannabis at all... and I miss it.
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Movies I'm a life long Star Wars fan but there are many others.
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I Have a Confession

I posted this once before, anonymously. I decided to let my fear go and repost this under my EP alias. This will perhaps give some enlightenment to my EP friends and followers as to why I’ve been so... [more]
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