Male , 26-30
Feeling tired
needed the rain but the grief it also brought feels cold.

socialiest to that which main stream moral groups call odditys, gamer reader and greatly interested in anything I can save in my mind useless or otherwise.

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Favorite Quote damn bats every where I tell you!!
  • a little African American
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little Native American
Vices hate people the mass mental case reality of it. if your under 18 or basically 12 an on here cause we're are your parents?
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Leo
Special day
Books currently many warhammer 40 k
Movies ghost and the darkness
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I The Werewolf Community

Best Beating A Can Remember A limp hard on bloody matted leg as snort blood from broken nose, the bruised flesh on my chest caused by rebare that later carved a gash along my rib line an thankfully not thru them. Braidys... [more]
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    All It Takes Is The Eyes Not The Fang I simple took the back of his neck and made him face me looking deep into my eyes the heartless control there can shake so many to the core and it did, he turned his eyes away and slowly fell to his k… [more]
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    This Youthful Ignorance Has Got To Stop!!! Either real or not it's stupidity bold face stupidity a child claiming to run a pack. I'm sorry no scratch that I'm not sorry I'm 26 have JOB a really high paying one an can barley manage, what would … [more]
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    The Truth In Short Reseachable History Of The Wolves Am Vampirice Society The most common homlupus history is the dark forest theses are harsh an fear filled (we ruled those woods even after the French arrival go figure ) most tales list romaine as vampire history it's list… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Three New Memders Of The Pack two pup males one 20 likely a run away the other is 18 an is living with his grandmother who contacted me and still won't explain why she has him, the last is a women she flintchs at the drop of a hat… [more]