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About I am very caring. I care about EVERYONE. Animals included. I'm a 16 year old girl looking for friends. I am not interested in relationships. Purely cause I think long distance doesn't work and it's too easy to fall in love online. I am very stubborn. I talk about anything with anyone. I'm here to help anybody who needs it. I will do my best, but I myself am still young so I can't promise anything
Last Seen Jan 5, 2013
Member Since Nov 04, 2012
Favorite Quote “I was Born 2 make mistakes,Not 2 fake perfection!”
  • 100% South African
Horoscope Pisces
Special day 3-2
Books Jodi Picoult, House of Night, Twiligh-Series, The Host
Music Celine Dion, Romanz
Movies Twilight-Saga, Inception, Titanic, Tinkerbell, Disney
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