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I Lost 5lbs At the Gym If Anyone Finds Then Please Return Them

Great News!!!! This is for all of you looking for your 5lbs you lost at the gym. I Found IT!!! For some strange reason it and I am meaning YOUR! 5lbs is being stored for some strange reason under my please... [more]
lostsoul824 has shared 7 Mature Experiences
  • I Have Adult Adhd

    Never Knew What Adhd Was Until I Was Told That I Have It. This all came as a shock , when I started to look into why I would get so upset when people criticise me. well after finally admitting that I had trouble reading and writing I decided to see if I had … [more]
  • I Am Human Trash

    Trashman,(life @ The Curb) I have spent all my life seeing others live and wanting that kind of a life. instead all I seem to end up with is a lot of spent effort and no real sucess.I have spent my whole life told I am not tryi… [more]
  • I Am Not a Typical Male

    I Think I Am A Odd Duck! I think I have always been this way, and that is that I have an easier time talking to women then men . growing up I had no real friends in school but in class I still could always talk to the girls n… [more]
  • I Love Mustangs And Harleys

    My Mistress On Two Wheels This all started back in early 1979. my older brother had 74 honda 500 which he wanted to sell for $500 . it was over priced thinking back. never the less I bought it and spent another $500 fixing it … [more]