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I Am Disgusted By Cuckold Wife Sharing Weirdos

Heebiejeebies The first thing i noticed when i joined this website were all the men looking for other men to screw their wife! I will not screw your wife whether you are watching or not and frankly, it... [more]
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    I want to clone myself so i can be my own parent. sounds weird i know, but all good stuff sounds weird.I think that is the only way i could ever truly realise my full potential, of course saying this implies my parents didn't do a good job, well they didn't. I know this because i was always told i was some sort of prodigy as a child at school, yet i am writing this from a rented room as an unemployed 20 year old man with no notable achievements in life.I don't think i will ever have a child because of this, i don't ever want to cause the same prolonged psychological suffering i endured as a child. I believe the only person i could be a perfect parent for is myself.One day i will accomplish t… [more]