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Anyone can tell you there's no more road to ride.
Everyone will tell you there's no place to hide.
There's no laws or rules to unchain your life.
But the ones who didn't make it,
The ones who couldn't take itso glad they have made it out alive.

Everyone loves the fun everyone comes by,
in the wind I crunch I want to die.
They can give me pills,
or let me drink my fill,
the heart wants to explode far away
where nobody knows.

Do you believe she said that?
Do you believe she said that?
I said I hate myself and I want to die.

Half of it is innocent.
the other half is wise,
the whole damn thing makes no sense
I wish I could tell you a lie.

Hey come here.
Let me whisper in your ear
I hate myself and I want to die.

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