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I Am Unhappy In My Marriage

Open Note To My Wife I have been a very happy person. Lately I want to share with you the reason. I have fully accepted both your and my biology and how that affects both how I see you and how I see myself. I will explain... [more]
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  • I Think I Want a Divorce

    Had The Divorce Conversation - Finally So, I confronted the wife about all our problems over the past few years. I think the source all comes down to her job and not enough focus on me.¬† I want attention¬†- the kind she gives her job and… [more]
  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Some Options To Consider For as long as I can remember in my marriage, I compare my current sex life to the prior sex life before marriage. When I first me my wife, we could not get enough of each other, I really felt lik… [more]
  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Last Gasp I have been married for 10 years. Sex started out great. My wife is sexy and in the beginning we ****** like rabbits. We both work. So, as her work took up more time sex became less. Then she started … [more]
  • I Am Unhappy In My Marriage

    My Wife And I Are Both Unhappy In Our Marriage But, who will end it first?… [more]