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I Question Social Norms

I Don't Shave Regularly What's the point?? There's a reason why hair grows there right? And my husband doesn't mind so I don't bother. However, if I do wear a dress or shorts I will shave but most of the time I wear pants... [more]
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  • I Was Abandoned By My Father

    I Still Resent Him For Leaving I just want to start of by saying that my father is not a bad person and he does love me even if he's not very good at showing it. He was not one of those fathers that left my mom, sister and me an… [more]
  • I Am Dating A Crossdresser

    Pantyhose Run! Unfortunately the pantyhose from Hooters didn't hold up as well as expected so I was asked to make another run last night.  No problem there, I don't mind one bit, but it was a bit funny this … [more]
  • I Want to Share Lyrics

    This Years Love Had Better Last Ok...I know I've said before that groups like this are stupid but I've changed my mind!  Here are some lyrics by David Gray that are my sentiments exactly!!!!   This … [more]
  • I Am Dating A Crossdresser

    It's Time To Get Dressed Up!!! So we are planning a trip to Jacksonville, FL (only a two hour trip from us!) to go to The Metro, from what I hear, a pretty cool gay bar.  They have drag shows on the weekends and I thin… [more]