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Placed my acct. on vacation ...Love to all of my friends . Happy trails, y'all. :)

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I love this tune.... it has one of the best lines of all time :" I hear voices in my head, and I swear to god it soundslike snoring . " [more]
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  • I Showed Myself Nude At The Window

    For The Very First Time I removed all of my clothes and stood in front of a bare window, nude; realizing that there is a Peeper in the neighborhood. I touched myself all over; playing with my **** and ***** unt… [more]
  • I Took The Bdsm Quiz

    Experimental That Good Or Not So Good ? Taken from : Experimental..................93% Switch.........................… [more]
  • I Have Sexual Fantasies

    How Could I Get Turned On ? I'm at home, doors unlocked . Safe neighborhood, I thought . I am washing dishes ... the kitchen door opens and in enters a man, who I had seen before in the neighborhood, but didn't know. … [more]
  • I Like a Good Quote

    Down And Not 311'S Song Sometimes when you're sad, no one cares.Sometimes when you cry, no one sees .Sometimes when you leave no one notices......~ Ritu GhatoureyBut I do believe when one … [more]
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    At The End....
    I'm always thinking and yes, always coming up with contradictions.......But this I do believe :I think you should always look at your life and who is in it and think to yourself " what will they say of me ", and " will they remember me ? "Personally I think we need to get busy and put our stamp on the world and therefore, will never be forgotten....hopefully.… [more]
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    Feeling like the world's biggest fool, loser, and total zero.
    I  know I should not complain, because I know  others have it far worse than I have,  but life has changed so much in the last three years. I lost my two best girlfriends, the first one,  two years ago to Pancreatic cancer and the other last year to a sudden heart attack...The daily talks on the phone, the getting together once a week, going to movies, out to eat, doing girlie things......All the talking,  the sitting on the porch swing during the summer time  drinking Muscadine wine, laughing, joking, crying , hugging and being each other's support person when tragedies happened...The most fun was Summer, renting a beach house for the week, without the kids and just letting go...As we say h… [more]