Female , 16-17
Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Hiya! My name is Kiki, you can call me Pi if you like too! x3 I love to talk to new people! Please don't be shy (:

I'm 16 and love to dance around at night because I'm crazy like that x3

I used to live in the U.S. But my Daddy have business back in our native country, Vietnam, so I have to be stuck there now... I want to be back in America!!!!!!!!

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Hiya! (:  Hi everybody! My name's Kiki, and I'm new on Experience Project. I just created this account approximately 5 minutes ago (:Um. Beside playing with my girlfriends, I like to sleep, play... [more]
  • I Love My Brother

    Goof Ball! Sam ( Samuel ), my goof ball of a brother! I love him dearly, even when he's moody and grumpy I don't care! As long as he's sharing his MW3 then I'm good (: Sometimes he can be all seri… [more]
  • I Used to Live In America

    I Moved!!! I used to live in America :( But few months back, my Daddy has some business back in his former country, Vietnam, so I had to move there with him and my sisters 3 Did you k… [more]
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    First Accidental Kiss
    it was in the early summer - I think I was 7...I'm not sure... I was playing cars with my cousin Alex who was 9 years old at that time, by the way, CARS ARE AWESOME (:we were playing innocently, but when I slide the car across the floor and slip on the tile floor [ I was wearing socks, so it was slippery ] I fell on him and our lips contacted each other ! He didn't say anything, and we just continue playing as if nothing happened....Even though we were only like kids, I think it's pretty bizzare ! He took my first kiss ! Not officially he didn't - But he took it anyway ! I want it back ! :0… [more]