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I Have a Confession

I hate my firend because she fights all the time with her boyfriend of five months because of the distance between them (they are in different countries now) and she thinks that the world is xcentered... [more]
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  • I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

    I Hate My Life :'( I don’t know how to describe my life well .. I’d say that it’s miserable!! So sit comfortably cause it is going to be so long and btw thank for reading this it means so much to me that someone a… [more]
  • I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

    There Aren't Even Songs For People Like Me i keep looking for sad songs about loneliness but with no results, i keep finding songs about love stuff and break ups , and what's for the people who aren't loved by anyone nor they love someone?… [more]
  • I Need "Personal Space"

    My Friend Is Suffocating Me !! So I just met that friend I guess two months ago and she's really nice with me ad so helpful,well she helped me when I just came to France finding an apartment and all the paper stuff,going to the doc… [more]
  • I Hate Myself

    Can't Find The Exact Word To Describe... Today is december 15th 2012, the end of another terrible year of my life full of deception,stress,and failure. I’ve been trying to lose weight since a long time ago more than 4 years to be exa… [more]