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I continue to be passionate about life and people despite how messed up the world really is. I/we can make a difference and so I try to do my little part to make the world a little nicer place. I have traveled a lot and by 2014 hope to spend the rest of my life traveling and living outside the U.S. I am open to making new friends on EP. I am married and have 4 children, one of which is deceased. Though married, the marriage is regrettably on life support and I remain here only until the children finish H.S. Trust was broken and I have been betrayed and that's about all I'll say about it. I work security full time and my passion is publishing books (reprints) which I do part time. Willing to add most people on EP as friends so just add me. I'll reciprocate unless I find something very objectionable which off the top of my head would mostly be guys who seem obsessed with sex. Otherwise I am pretty open to people. I look more at the person then any problems they may have. That's different and I believe we should make a distinction. I may not condone what my friends do, but that also doesn't stop me from being their friend if they are sincere and honest and a friend to me.
Thanks and Best Wishes to you!

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