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I need music to live. No one knows my love for it.♥(:<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />
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I am 13. I am very outgoing & outspoken. I speak my mind and rights. I am fun to be with & talk to. Music is my life and I couldn't like without it. I really like fitness and exercising. In the fall I swim six days a week, in the winter I play basketball six days a week, and then tennis int he spring. I love to obviously play sports, along with watching them. A big partier, completely honest, and easily approachable. I love talking to new people and love making new friends.<br /><br /><br />
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My friends make me who I am. My one life quote is --Fuck it, if it's fun, do it.-- <br /><br /><br />
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Please get to know me.

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Favorite Quote I've never lit a match with intent to start a fire. But recently the flames are getting out of control.
Vices Music, Pot, Drinking, Men, Music, Writing, Pot, and Music. Did I mention pot and music?!
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Books All kinds.(:
Music Alternative, punk, techno, screamo, metal, emo, hardcore, rock, grindcore, Electronica, and Other. (Genres on my itunes.)
Movies Bruno, .....mostly horror/comedy.
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I Dislike Cliques

Yes I Do. They're pretty pointless. In my school there weren't any cliques really. But if I had to pick like a stereotype/clique I'd be put into in middle/high school... Would differ from scene, stoners, punk... [more]
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  • I Got Pantsed

    Heres One Story. It was in seventh grade. I was at "Mr. Eagle" (eagle's our mascot), it was like a guy's competion for bathsuit, lip sync, getting asked questions, formal wear, and i think thats it. But i… [more]
  • I Can't Sleep Without Background Noise

    I Can't Sleep In Silence Usually. Usually, I fall asleep to my ipod. I can almost never fall asleep in complete silence. I love to have a faint noise in the backround when I'm trying to sleep. It makes me feel like I'm not completely … [more]
  • I Was a Rebellious Teen

    Still Am ;] During middle and high school i got in school suspension and detention all the time yet again good grades ;). I loved mouthing off to teacher swhen they got me mad because i had the need to. I love… [more]
  • I Think Beauty Pageants Are Outdated and Degrading to Women

    Completely True ;) People are judging girls on how they look, that must be terrible when you lose thinking your not pretty enough. But it doesnt matter cause your lucky youe ven made the competition. they really both… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    I tried.
    Once when i was 12 years old, i wasnt actually overweight i just didnt look the way i wanted to. So i attempted to throw up after eating. I tried, I tried, but all came out was a cough. If it worked i probably wouldvbe been bulimic for years. So, maybe its a good thing. I think my slef esteem just wasnt high enoigh really. Now my really close friend and I are eachothers will power to stay fit. No one actually knew, only one friend (who i dont normally speak to) and my fiance know. I never knew my fiance alex, when it happened though. I am 19 now & feel a lot better about myself. :)… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    Underage drinking
    i actually went to my first party w/ alcohol in the summer of 6th grade, i was eleven. Then the nest summer it happened again. one of my friends puked. Then in the summer of seventh grade me and my friend emily (emmy10) would sneak different kinds of vodka at night at my friend coreys (greengoo14) house without him noticing. we always used to played juice and lemonade and enery drink pong ezactly like beer pong. Me and emily would spike our cups with vodka. Me and her slightly threw up at least once. He would only let us have a sip or two a night, but wwd end of having a lot more getting aches and getting clumsy. we had amazing times. Well im still not 21 and i drink.… [more]
  • Pretty paranoid.

    Posted on: October 7th, 2009 at 5:54PM

    Its silly, but scary. :P Yesterday i found out that a math professor at my school was once a great tennis player. He is pretty young, myabe in early thirties or younger, and extremely, extremely attractive. :) I see him everyday before my one class because my math professor uses his room when he is off to lunch. So today, I was the only one who said I'll ask him. So as he was walking out the classroom I said Mr. ---, and he goes "yeah?" Then I said , did you used to play tennis? And he just looks away and walks out the room. Im freaking out saying wow, what if something terrible happened in his tennis playing days, like someone died or he shattered his ankle and couldnt play anymore. Everyon… [more]


  • December 17th.

    Posted on: December 17th, 2009 at 7:05PM

    I got back from my football game, I mean wrestling match. Well, it was supposed to be basketball but I couldn't tell the difference. You know, ten fouls were made, in six minutes! How do you do that?! You complain that they're wrong calls, but pushing, grabbing, slapping, kicking, and tripping are NOT allowed in basketball. That's not how you play basketball. I know it's not professional, but your coach should do better. You were confused about plays and where you're supposed to be the whole game, and we were ALL (fans included,) sick of hearing you complain, and watch you fight. The swearing, the temper thrashes, the anger, was just so annoying. It was like being in Africa, with animals fly… [more]


  • I'm back on!

    Posted on: April 17th, 2010 at 11:47AM

    I had to install the new internet explorer whatever. So I'm on again. I'll be back on my schedule of being on here atleast once a day. :)… [more]


  • I have absolutely nothing to do.

    Posted on: July 31st, 2009 at 1:01AM

    so im going to post a blog not carrying about grammar or capitals or anything.... because i like 2 type fats and its 2 in the morning. i only have to stay up for four more hours then im leaving to go to delaware (i live in NY) we go to a beautiful pool where theres a small park for kids, tennis courts and outside shuffle board. then in a small building where the bathrooms are theres ping-pong and a small weight room. My two aunts and my cousins live there. If you read this and its before six in the morning (my time) so in four hours, on july 31 then message me we can talk about anything. i just wanna get my mind of gthe clock and my mind on talking to people i dont know and experiences i had… [more]