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  • I Can't make you happy

    Posted on: December 28th, 2011 at 10:10AM

    Ever felt like you just cant do anything right when it comes to some people?? According to my step mom, i have had a HUGE attitude lately & i need to fix it or i wont be allowed to see my boyfriend. How in the world am i supposed to fix it if i dont know what im doing wrong?!?! i havent even noticed it! & this morning i was supposed to wake up at 8:30. My alarm clock is apparently 10minutes behind. so instead, i woke up at 8:40. Also, i dont check my phone right when i get up. So i went out in the living room leaving my phone in the bedroom & watched tv. THEN i remembered that i was supposed to text mom when i woke up. so i went in and got my phone. i had 3 messages from her. i explained eve… [more]


  • P.S. I Should Be Her...

    Posted on: December 26th, 2011 at 11:15PM

        Dear Louis, <---(Middle name)I know that us breaking up was a mutual decision since you were going off to basic training. But that doesnt mean this doesnt hurt. It has been 5 months and i see you EVERYWHERE. However, it is not actually you considering we live in 2 different states...When you got back from basic, i saw on your facebook  that you are now in a relationship with her... i knew that there was something giong on there. but i didnt want to seem paranoid or anything like that, so i said nothing... it has been 2 months now since you've been back & i see you are still with her... & every time i think about it, i cant help but think that i should be the one with you. not her. i KNOW… [more]


  • Stupid Ignorant Jealous People

    Posted on: January 3rd, 2012 at 1:00PM

         So here is the story, my boyrfriend, Cole, has this friend named Cody that he hangs out with all the time. Before Cole and i met, Cody had added me on FB. but we didnt exchange messages or anything ONCE. But now that me & Cole are dating, Cody keeps telling him how i message him on FB all the time. So, kindly, Cole asked me to remove him as a friend. No big deal. i hate the perv, anyway. Then a couple of weeks ago, Cody saw i deleted him and he sent me another friend request. I didnt accept.     Then i get a text from Cole today saying "Im tired of Cody telling me you and him are talking. can you PLEASE remove him from your friends. and tell me the God honest truth, HAVE you messaged hi… [more]


  • 4months:)

    Posted on: December 29th, 2011 at 9:37AM

    Happy 4 months, my love:)its weird how it feels like we have been together a lot longer than that!! Feels like today should be 6 months for us!We had a pretty scary fight on the phone last night :/ You see, lately, its like every thing that i have always done, is "really getting old". like how we're on the phone and its time to hang up, we say good-bye probably 3 or more times. SOMETIMES. it isnt always like that. well, yesterday he was REALLY irritible. It was one of those days where i should have just leave him alone the whole day & give him his space. i know that now. But it just frustrates me that he thinks i should automatically know what is wrong and all that...Anyway, i see him later … [more]