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I Resent How You Treated Me

Ok so let me start with this is about a guy who played me and that unless anyone who reads this is gonna help me out then don't read but if u can help give advise then my experience my be very... [more]
  • I Am Mixed Race

    Racism Isn'T Just Toward'S Blacks I am 25% black, 25% Puerto Rican, and 50% Italian (so my skin color is a lot lighter bc I'm mostly Italian) and I'm proud to be mixed but other pple would discriminate me. I was told that I was a fake… [more]
  • I Was Confused In The Cemetary

    I Have No Idea What I Was Feeling, I Never Felt This Emotion Before And Don'T Know What It Is Today I went 2 the cemetery to see my grandparents grave stone that they prepared so that it will be ready for them when they die. It was my 1st time going 2 the cemetery and I was anxious bc I really… [more]
  • I Have No Trust In Police Anymore

    Part 1 Of My Confessions When I was 6 from the outside everything looked beautiful, I looked like I had the life and that everything was perfect but whatever that delusion was it all ended one night when my mom was tucking me… [more]
  • I Admire Unique People

    Ok the 1st time he got my attention was when I was in sail drawing cartoon characters and he was sitting behind me and then I turned a little bit and then he said "I know ur staring at me" and then I … [more]