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my name is lindsey im from utica ks. i have a chocolate labwrott mix named CoCo. i believe dogs learn best with excitement in their lives. if your life is borring then the dog will be too and having a dog will feel more like work to you then anything. i love making new friends and meeting new people (as described i'd be a poodle if i were a dog....apparently >.> that's about the only dog i dont like. besides the smaller ones. love puppies and LOVE owning puppies :D they'r great to bond with and play and SO ADORIBLE! :D dogs are like kids to me accept furrier. im going to be a mother soon speaking of kids (im excited and scared but at the same time feeling blessed for the mere opertunity that for the longest time i remember believing i could never have.) love pretty much everything, im spontanious and fun loving out going and sometimes i talk too much. (happens alot.) no im not 12 and my secrate? alcohol. hand sanitizer spaciffically purell. scrubbing my face with that makes it ultra clean and soft. then i take and rub a soft cloth and polish my face with it. the product dont dry out your skin, the residue it leaves does. i believe that it blocks moisture from getting into your skin. my face has never felt better and infact feels 100% more clean then most acne and facial rinkle creams i've tried. and works the best also.<br /><br />
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im looking for schools at the moment hoping one day to be a vet, emt and to have a house one day that i can be proud to call my own with plenty of dogs.

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I One Day Dream Of Being A Vetranarian

About My Life...experiances So Far. well, my name is lindsey. i currently have a dog (CoCo chocolate labwrott mix male) am pregnate with my first baby and live in a family with 2 other dogs and a cat. i've only owned 2 other... [more]