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    second time smoking
    last night after we got home from a kansas city royals baseball game,my husband johnny confronted me about smoking.i nhad to confess that i had been smoking.i wish i had not confessed. johnny turned me over his knee and gave me a thoroughly brisk paddling with a hair brush on my bare butt ouch!ouch1 lovetobepaddled… [more]
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    smoking can be painful
    johnny came into the kitchen of our kansas city home a couple of days ago.unfortunely he caught me smoking again. i had to confess that i smoke secretly. he had warned me twice before.this was the third timehe caught me.he said the first two times that he would paddle my butt the next time he caught me he turned brush me overhis knee and paddled my bare butt with a hair brush ouch!ouch! lovetobepaddled… [more]
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    the front fender
    today i dented the front fender of the car in kansas i have to tell johnny.later tonight i told johnny. he was not too angry.but he turned me over his knee and paddledmy barebutt.… [more]
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    naughty wife gets the brush
    i sassed my husband johnny.he told me to vacuum the living room floor i told him no.he told me again to do it. and i told him no again.he took me over his knee and spanked my bare butt with a brush until my butt was bright red and stung ouch! afterwards we went out to a movie in kansas city. lovetobepaddled… [more]