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I Have a Confession

i am 16 years old and i love disney movies i still record and watch them i learn the songs make up dances i dont kow what it is when i watch them i am just in another world i feel better they make me... [more]
  • I Just Want to Talk to Someone

    I Feel So Alone i had a really good friend and we told each other everything but then we got pulled apart and now i dont have anyone to talk to and i really need to express myself to some one and tell them everythi… [more]
  • I Enjoy The Intimate Moments

    When Its Wih The Right Person I Just Feel Awsome i am young so when i have an intimate moment i just feel in love like its ment to be and we will be together forever i never want the moment to end… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    i know what i want to be and how i want to see myself but its not how everybody else wants to see me as. soi pretend but i want this to be a site where i can be me… [more]
  • I Have a Confession

    so me and my mom dont get along at all i wasnt doing so great in school for the last 3 card markings but for this one i am really doing great and out 5th card marking ends on the 27th of april so whil… [more]