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I Have a Confession

Stop trying to blend in with people you know would never appreciate you.Stop trying to make yourself more interesting so that maybe, just maybe, someone would give a **** one day.stop... [more]
  • I Am Not What People Expect

    I'm Always Underestimated By People! someone that I love before knowing me veryyy well told me once that I am one of my kind .. that i'm truly special but when he got really really closer to me .. there are always fights and confli… [more]
  • I I'm a Muslim Not a Terrorist and I Respect All Relegions

    I'm A Muslim I'm from Egypt and I'm a Muslim Don't know why do people think we are terrorist .. that we are responsible for any act of terrorism that happens in the world They don't know that Islam i… [more]
  • I Love Drawing and Painting

    I Love Drawing I love drawing especially portraits .. I've drawn portraits of my family , some of my friends , And lots of actors and actresses. But i need new ideas .. I need to do something useful and unique… [more]
  • I Always Have Little Crushes On People

    I Always Have Little Crushes On People Every person i look at i think i have a crush on him :D I see the best in people so I like many manyyyyy of them i always have someone in my mind and i had crushes on really many of the people i've me… [more]