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I Am Trying to Find Happiness

I was very mad about my last relationship, comparing and contrasting my ex with any other guy I knew, and I found out that it was such a big mistake, anyway, I am trying to have a formal relationship... [more]
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  • I Am Superstitious

    "A Hole In My Soul" Chained to this Aerosmith's song goes my worst memories of the last year...… [more]
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    Being insane...
    Yesterday morning I took the bus to go to my job. An old woman sat beside me, she was so kind but smelled terrible... It was a rainy morning, humid enough to cause this kinds of effects in our body... Suddenly, she began moving her head and talking with herself... I don't know, but she seemed to be happy, without concience of the world around her. Well the message is: Sometimes would be great... Not only great... It would be necesary to umplugged ourselves from the world and be who we really are... Unconsciousness, or insanity?... The fact is to act according to our feelings not only patterns established by the society, sometimes in order to kill ourselves.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Love and sex stories I
    A good friend OF mine and I were going through the same situation, problems in marriage... She decided to go and visit a fortune-teller, she got in shock when the woman described her husband in an incredible way, she began crying when she said that her husband was being unfaithful and he had plans to get the divorce. Well, I wanted to help my friend and I began an investigation, I created a false profile on facebook and sent to my friend's husband a friendship request. I could realize, in fact that the man had plans to leave her definitely, I ask him to reflect about his decisions, but he didn't and told me that there was someone in his life that he was interested in... That person was me...… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I cry...
    I used to cry watching the last chapters of series or soap operas.... :(… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Unsure :(
    I do not have words to justify my feelings or confussion, she said. She felt pretty scared about what could it happen, she absolutely loved her husband and her little baby, but she still misses her relationship with her ex lover. She had all she had wished, her husband was the most faithful man on earth and her home became a beautiful place to stay. But her mind was in any way connected with all those memories with that guy who knew how to love her when her heart was broken, she needed to touch him and embrace him but he decided to forget her because she was married, she felt broke inside because of this, because deep inside her she wanted to break up her husband and come back to her lover's… [more]