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I Have a Confession

Some would put their faith above everything and everyone here on Earth. Brush off any thought that maybe forcing their beliefs on others isn't helping but hurting. I can't get away from them..I feel... [more]
  • I Am Friendless

    Life Seems Like It's Pointless... So I no longer have any friends who I have any contact with, and the world is seeming rather hopeless. I was told yesterday by my only remaining friend that I was just like every other girl..I'm just … [more]
  • I Just Need Someone to Talk to

    This Is A Bad Idea.. I know that. I know it's likely no one will respond. I'm rather awkward in conversation, and I truly hate to be a bother.. But I would like someone to talk to. … [more]
  • I Feel Like I Am Never Good Enough

    What I Have To Say. No matter what I do, I'm never good enough for anyone. Not even the people who claim they love me will go out of their way to talk to me when I need someone; I'm constantly alone. I don't even like my… [more]
  • I Am Here For Anyone Who Needs a Friend

    Anyone Who Needs Someone... There's no feeling better than knowing that you are bringing up someone who's down.. So if anyone is in need of a friend, I'm here. And if not, than that's okay..I don't expect much.… [more]