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I Love the Beach

When I Llok Back At This Story....i Laugh when i was younger i was a proper wound up my brothers soo bad that when i wound up one the other one stuck up for them well when i was on the beech i anoyed tom (my brother)and i made him cry so sam... [more]
  • I Love Lmfao

    The China Doll................. "mum please can i have a china doll please please"said lilly."okaay lets go buy you one" said mum."quick mum go home i want to play with my china doll""im going as fast as i can swee… [more]
  • I Love One Direction

    Sleepover<3 I slept my friends hows a couple of nights ago and it was amazing we went on her trampoline till 10:00 and went knock and run┬áreally good i enjoyed it but (the girls house) … [more]
  • I Love Lmfao

    I Love My Best Friends. My friends we all love each other we are like four peas in a pod we have nicknames that we love and share we make up handshakes and have sllepovers to we are all mad as a hater but we dont care cause.… [more]