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All I can say is I don't know if I could ever find somebody that can meet my standards of knowledge and comprehend me.

Just ask me. :)

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I Want To Tell You 20 Things About Me

1. My name ia Louisa (: 2. I'm 22 years old 3. I live in Houston, Texas 4. I am a Scorpio 5. I am very skiptical, i like researching about random stuff 6. I am Hispanic... [more]
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  • I Am Single

    I'm 22 years old. Live in Houston, Texas. Just got out a 1 year relationship and it hurt so much, I want to forget about him so bad cus it hurts thinking about him everday and knowing we're never goin… [more]
  • I Wish I Had Someone to Talk to

    I wish there was a guy out there that could make me feel special or wanted and loved.. someone hat can make me feel different.. but unfortunately some guys are taken by the bad woman! Ugh, one day tho… [more]
  • I Society

    Your Beautiful :) don't let nobody tell you that your not beautiful.. you beautiful no matter what you look like! God created beauty. Dont let people lower your self esteem.. dont let people make you feel down for NO D… [more]
  • I Miss Him Now

    No matter what happens I'm always stick with him through thick and thin.. Because that's what real woman do. And I'ma wait for him til he gets out of that ugly cage he got into.. soon we will be toget… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Society, me & more.
    Am I the only one that stays up at night and thinks about random stuff in life and you just can't sleep? Well I do that alot. And then it gets me sad to think about every little stuff I ust thought about.. For example not being able to find someone soon or at all just because some guys are such jerks and it's hard for the good ones to come fast. and sometimes I think about me being lonely all the time.. I rarely have friends and If  do have them they mostly want me for something or whatever. I just don't know why people don't value me for what I truely am worth they just want to use me.I'm helpful, nice, sweet, romantic, happy person, i'm actually everything a person could ask for as a frien… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    The world and Us
    It's knd of awesome and strange how the world works and revolves. We all try to find ourselves somewhere we fit or somewhere we can relate to aswell. As in this website. It's awesome how we can relate to many stories or confessions, etc. and nobody can judge and just say what they think and some of us have the same experiences and we can message each other about it and be friends. Who cares about what others think ..that maybe it's dumb and lame..NO. It's awesome because atleast you know you aint the only one going though the same thing or whatever is the case. we're all here to make friends and get some kind of help from other people and advice. That's how I see it :) If you wanna be friend… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Im really sensitive..
    i get sensitive mostly abt everythng. wheneve my dad gets mad at me for anthing i start ta' cry, and hes alays like "why are yu freaking cryin if i havent even hit yu, cry if they ever hit yu not wen idont." but ithink words huurt me tha most. /: For every little thing ig sensitive and tears roll down my eyes, itry my best ta' not let them go dwn but never works..?/:… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Everyone judges me for no reason!
    I don't know why people judge me for no reason! :( I've been judged al my life... by my friends, family, everyone :/ I don't know why people don't like me just by looking at me.. i mean, do I have a sign in my forehead that says "Stuck-up *****".. :( no one has really tooken the chance to get ta' noee me in reality! Only one person truly knows me and that's my bff angie that i truely love as a sister. Because that girl never judged me and even though she heard people talk abt me this and that yet she still managed to hang around with me and get ta; noe the real me, and now we're bestfriends!!<3' but other than that, everyone has givin me the same look and attitude! but i guess.. i promise th… [more]