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I Am Afraid Of Never Being Truly Loved

We All Know Beauty Is Skin Deep But Still.. I try to be beautiful in every way I tell myself I am and then I fear when I get older..will someone who claims they love me young and fit still truly love me old or fat?so I'm insecure but nobody... [more]
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  • I Was A Rape Victim

    I Was Raped By A Stranger I was 12,just started kissing boys and wearing makeup..I was walking to meet with some friends of mine cause my parents wouldn't give me a ride..there was a carnival in the small town I live in so a l… [more]
  • I Will Not Be An Enabler

    Im Trying To Let Go.. They lie to u they manipulate u..u wanna believe them I wanna fix him...**** **** **** I can't do this anymore..I gave him everything for nothing I look stupid..did I need glasses when I met this smuc… [more]
  • I Regret Being In My Relationship

    I was single for 7 years I loved all the wrong ones and probably pushed away a few good ones and now I found myself in a relationship that I got pushed into by not pushing away like I should of..I got… [more]