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Favorite Quote no matter what happens never give up on your dreams cause in the end it might be all you have to hold on to
  • a little Irish
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I Want to Make a Difference In the World

Leave My Mark it's not that i want to make a different it's more like i want to leave a mark that i was here on this earth i want people today and people of years to come to know of me but with so many people... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Kiss With A Girl

    A Kiss With A Old Friend so my first kiss was with one of my friends that i had not talked to in a couple years so i had just moved towns and schools so i ended up running into my old friend so then i ended up hanging out wi… [more]
  • I Love Smoking Weed

    I Love It i love weed the first time i smoked it was with my friend and her boy friend and we where in a werid cave thing and ya i though the world was traped in glass and **** and my friend though she was … [more]
  • I Love Sushi

    I Loves It i love sushi so much i remember the first time i tryied it i was with my ex and he made it for me and it was so good so after she showed me how to make it. lol and last year for my sweet 16 we got s… [more]
  • I Want to Know If You've Ever Done Any of These Things

    Heheh Alot [ x] Smoked A Cigarette [ ] Smoked A Cigar [X] Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex [ x] Are / Been In Love [x ] Dumped someone [ ] Been Fired [X] Been In A Fist Fight… [more]