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Adopted in Belfast by 2 u.s. military couple in 1954. Came to usa in 1956. Irish/Jew by blood. Creator of; Vampires Worldly Wisdom & Craigs Underground Press "both" listed in top of Google search

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I Wish I Had 3 Wishes

Just Finished 3 Grueling Weeks Most of All the head leaders from Saint Louis MO + Dept of Safety & Dept of; Health gave us all a surprise visit- "all @ once. I just put in an avg of 80 hrs back-2-back for 3&nbsp... [more]
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  • I Am a Real Practacing Black Magic Vampire Witch

    Simple Vampire-magic On a Stick   The Power Within Depression "Sub-title; Vampire-Magick on a stick … [more]
  • I Have a Ghost Story

    My 1st Real Ghost Encounter  In the early parts of 1972- my 1st real encounter with a real ghost was with James K Wilson of JK Wilson jewelers. His son; "Laurence F Wilson" was My 1st Mentor in spiritual realit… [more]
  • I Have A Letter From The Devil

    The Devils Letter To Me  From Lucifer;  The ancient church fathers had much to say about "faith" but much of the subject was condensed to… [more]
  • I Love Quantum Physics

    Who Is The Thinker...?  Who is the thinker...? All of us are taught since early child-hood, that (everything) has a “beginning”- but once you get Into “critical logic” you will discov… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I was beaten By Church elders & Dad
    All of the religious-based questions that I have listed in; "My questions"- I was often beaten by elders & Dad for daring to ask. They always told me I have no right in asking those questions at all about God. I had asked those questions to many other clerics who always told me to (ask someone else.) They could never give a "reasonable answer" to those questions. But, EP is the only place I have @ least received reasonable answers or at best; (thought provoking answers in return. I wish to Thank EP & members who offered their "points of view."… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I Hear Dead People
    Since preteen- Iv spoken to my dead relatives & once in a while I get a reply. Most of the time the reply comes in the form of a dream or passive event that gives me hint to the answers I may seek. I understand that catholic priest's speak all the time to demised saints- so I can see no difference of what I do as compaired with what they do. I speak often with my dearly departed wife & she traverses her answers to me thru dreams & telepathic means… [more]
  • victim vs the witness

    Posted on: November 11th, 2009 at 10:31AM

    Victim VS Witness...? It is often said by many that; "we all get what we deserve...?" Its statements like these which make me to question the sanity of those who dare to say such things. For a good example; what about all those children under the age of accountability who lost their Lives in the bombing of the world trade center? What did they do to deserve such a Painful death? Many would-be clerics teach that the kids are in a better place & God Took them away to punish the parents? What about the parents that perished with their Underage kids in the same bombing? Where is the lesson in that one? Shortly after the Bombing- a world renowned minister said on a public news platform that th… [more]


  • Haiti's Tragics- Whats Next?

    Posted on: January 20th, 2010 at 2:36AM

    Haiti. "What's Next?"For over 50 years plus- Haiti, has struggled for survival. The most poorest & economically challenged nation on the face of the globe since even prior to it Becoming an independent nation. They're latest horror- making only a very Bad situation even worse. I took a 72-hour investigation of Haiti's options...I already crunched all the numbers & in tears, this is what I discovered; If, Every government & quazi-government including every religious organization Pitched in to the end of the long-run; the help would only slow-down Haiti's doom. I pray I was only (short-sighted) due to "mis-information".Iv Never felt this helpless & hope-less in all my life. Never mi… [more]


  • The Guile Of Edens Garden?

    Posted on: October 2nd, 2009 at 1:07AM

    Logic Vs Child-like Xstians; According to the book of Genesis; "Adam & Eve failed" to obey, Why allow the (innocent) to suffer with the guilty? Where is the (justice) in that? Why not just (fix) Adam & Eve to where they could never have children? Any child who is born from that cursed union, will suffer the "aftershock" effects...where is (justice) in this picture?. Why not just fix Adam & Eve to where they cannot bear children & therefore "protect" the un-born from a God given curse...? "Better yet;" Why invent a tree of knowledge since God can impute "knowledge" into any living or (non-living creature that God desires? Even better: "Why create a Tree Of Life" when God holds the … [more]


  • Preludes To War?

    Posted on: October 12th, 2009 at 2:30AM

    Preludes Of War... Every war that was ever fought- since prior to the warrior kings of ancient Egypt to our current time & day, It was never for "freedom, God & country- not for honor nor glory. These political labels were used to brain- Wash all the participating warriors into doing battle against the enemy & most of them never really knew that The war or "any war" is all about (territory). For all the brave men & women who gave their lives for the sake Of freedom, glory, or the American dream and/or who fought the great fight against terror, I salute you with a Sad heart because I know that any war all boils down to the reason of "more territory". Just like the gangland Wars of the roari… [more]