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Depressed and lonely.. tired of putting up a smiley face when deep down i'm broken and weathered.

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I Would Rather Be Alone Than Be With the Wrong Person

Too Late? i knew what i was getting into.... i knew 'what' he was.... i had experienced it all before i married him.... i thought i could be a positive influence in his life... i thought i could change him to... [more]
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  • I Resent My Husband

    He Is So Full Of Himself My car, my bed, my tv, my phone, my life .... he's like a spoilt child not ready to share anything... i "rushed" into marriage with my best friend of 4 years and boyfriend of 6 months... everyone said… [more]
  • I Think I Want a Divorce

    Maybe I Should, Why Cant I? For the nth time, i'm here again with the sob story that my life is. My husband - I cant decide for the life of me why I'm still with him.. there are times i know he seems like a good person, bu… [more]
  • I Feel Broken Inside

    I Cant Take It Anymore.. people used to commend me on how strong i was and how i'd take on everything head on and not let anything bother my high spirits or get in way of me being happy - because i wanted to.. now i jus… [more]
  • I Sometimes Say Im Okay, Even When I'm Not

    What Else Can I Do? Yes I say I'm ok even when I'm not coz people around me would then worry who'd take care of them if I were not OK.. I live with people who I've been taking care of....Mother in-law, Father-in-law, hus… [more]