Transgender , 18-21
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clonopin....never again

get on my good side and become a friend, i will protect you with my life. get on my bad side, well....
dont for any selfies......people are quick to judge...because i look like a guy (i'm a girl) i like guys though....different people call me different things like kayla(doctors, teachers, etc.), nami(angz, a friend), jonathan flynn (my hallucination whos bro, jonathan died a while back, and is delusional), crazy girl (classmates), and weird names my family gives me. i dont try to be cool, its too hard for that. i can be harsh with the truth. i don't talk to people, not even my family, much anymore. i hide my true identity from people i'm suspicous of. and i have alot of problems, they say, in my head....

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  • a little Scots-Irish
  • and a little Indian (North)
  • and a little Austrian
  • and a little American (Southern)
  • and a little Russian
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Books Snow -Ronald Malfi, Dante\'s Inferno - Dante
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I Have Strange Dreams

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    Therapy i went to therapy today. i talked to the woman there, she listened to what i had to say, my symptoms, my story. then she asked how quick and often to i get angry. i said more than should be normal, sh… [more]