Male , 22-25

Nerdy and odd I guess would be good ways to describe me. Im way into anime movies and games. Im very light hearted I understand whats important in life and what can be trivial, so I consider myself very mellow. One of my role models happens to be Bob Ross, I admire his attitude and view on the happier things in life. Im always just seeking ways to be content and happy.

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Favorite Quote Everything will be ok in the end, if its not ok then its not the end.
Vices Herbal remedies, drinks, and bad choices
Politics Liberal
Horoscope Virgo
Special day
Music Ranges greatly .
Movies So many but Im not a fan f lists.
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I Play Dance Dance Revolution

Big Part Of My Life This game litterally was the only positive influence in my life for a while. It means so much to me I got a DDR tattoo so ill never forget how it helped me. [more]
  • I Have Had a Bad Childhood

    From Child To Failure To be honest im sure no one will actually read this or care enough to make it threw this whole story and thats ok I just need to write this. At this point im not only frustrated but Ive reached a new … [more]
  • I Have No Friends

    Im Just Weird To be honest im not sure whats wrong with me, I had great friends for a period of time, but my lifes drastically changed and now im living with family again after a few years. Ive essentially turned i… [more]
  • I Smoke Weed

    I Am A Fan Of The Herb. For the longest time I was strongly opposed to any form of drug use especially weed. It wasn't till I went to college recently and met a friend who introduced me to some great views on the plant itsel… [more]
  • I Want to Make More Gay Friends

    I Need More Gay Friends. So I moved to lubbock Texas a while back and I have to say I havent much luck making any gay friends. Im a 21 year old gay dude, im pretty easy to get a long with I havent made many friends though bu… [more]