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I'm amused by things that are shiny and make noise. I like to drive where my car is not allowed, and make a fool of myself during those karaoke moments in traffic.

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I Struggle With Bipolar 1

A Glimpse... You feel the energy pulsing through you. It throbs through every cell of your body. Your nerves are on fire, completely inflamed and outstretched, receptive to every whisper, any twitch of motion near... [more]
  • I Escaped Jehovah's Witness Cult But Healed Slowly After

    Suffocating Imperfections I was born into it.  My mother had survived multiple abusive relationships and childhood...the witnesses, the "truth" gave her a level of security in life she'd never known.  The indoctrination proc… [more]
  • I Am Bipolar

    Wish My Brain Would Shut The Hell Up! Yep...i'm bipolar.  Bipolar 1, manic depressive if we want to get clinical.  It royally sucks.  Can't really put a sugar coating on what it is.  I was diagnosed right before I started a 2 year pri… [more]
  • I Have a Dysfunctional Family

    Surviving Crazy Have you ever seen those mothers that seemingly live their lives through their children? The ones on the sidelines either wearing clothing that indicates they’re “the MOM”…or worse, the ones … [more]
  • I Am Not Your Stereotypical Anything

    Do You See Me? I was raised by a Jehovah's Witness mother, and Hell's Angel father. I traveled around the world by the age of 9, graduated HS at 16 and had the opportunity to become a professional tennis player.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    WTF was that smell....
    I was being nice, having a BBQ and invited my drug addict brother and his wench.  She brought her best friend, and I swear...the moment she stepped through my door I could smell this horrible stench wafting from her.  I tried to ignore it, but everywhere she want it lingered.  It was the rancid stench of a female not taking care of herself and lord....I couldn't even eat my food.  I finally texted people at the BBQ...asked them to leave and come back in 20 minutes.  Then, faked a total bad headache to get rid of the brother and stinky crotch.  Big lie...but I needed to breathe. … [more]