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I Think Knowledge Is Power

I Love Running Running for me is a stress buster.I dont know why but there is a lot of happiness that I derive out of a simple exercise like running.I guess that Ive always had a lot of unspent nervous energy in me... [more]
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  • I Had a Near Death Experience

    Experience Not Many People Survive To Have. At that time I was still in school,in my tenth grade and it was my summer break and as it was also the year I was to appear for my board exam and so like every other kid who aspired for a career in ac… [more]
  • I Have Glasses

    I Wear Glasses Yes I wear glasses.A lot of people think that wearing glasses is uncool and a sign of nerdiness,but still I dont want to give them up.I started wearing glasses when I was 13 years old.At first it was … [more]
  • I Get Hit On Quite a Bit

    Too Much Attention. When I entered my teens,I dont know but things became quite different in the sense that I started getting a lot of attention from the opposite sex.Till then I was considered to be an average guy was j… [more]
  • I Believe In Destiny

    Destiny Is what It Is. Even at the risk of sounding like a loser I think whatever happens is destined to happen.Very often people attribute success to hard work and talent I dont deny the fact that they are very important i… [more]