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    Karma or something like it
    I was in a relationship a few yrs ago. . Everything was perfect when we were together. He was the man I saw myself growing old with. We were talking about getting married having kids the works. But I sort of snapped the day his mom insulted me and he did nor said anything to defend me. So I started to analyze my entire relationship and whether or not this was really going to work out. We even went on a trip together thinking being away from his mom would rekindle our love. I think it made things worse I saw this whole other side of him that I really didn't like. Needless to say I broke off our engagement. I thought I was the stronger of the 2 by being such a witch with him, avoiding any sort… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My fear of love
    Selfishly, I've been praying that God bless me with a good man in my life so that I won't be so lonely. Sounds like the typical prayer of a single person who hasn't really dated. But I foolishly been looking online. I know that's way most people are meeting now a days but it can't be for everyone, right?. Just when I think I've met Mr. Right and things seem to check out to where I feel we can meet in person, I freak out. I start having the worst case of nerves too the point where I eve talk Mr. Right out of liking me. I have the hardest time talking to people especially men cause i have a real bad flirting problem. I need help cause I'm missing out on meeting someone great.… [more]