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About I hate myself, usually. If i'm not exercising, working or hanging out with friends, I'm sad. I love to play my guitar, mostly metal stuff, and I enjoy singing Alexisonfire songs and Rise Against songs. I hope to become a famous musician one day, mostly so I can give the money I make to charity. I love to cook, but I want to get tattoos and you need to be un-inked to be a pro-chef. So now I'm just focusing on becoming a musician... I hate hate hate talking about my feelings, and things that bother me. I am very protective of my friends and family, I don't give a crap about... I hate children, They're disgusting, I hate overly fat people, who think it's OK and sexy to be over-weight. That's just wrong. Anyways, I love to be cheery, sometimes I actually am too! My passion is my guitar, It's like my child, except without the crying and pooping. The only problem I have with knowing a musical intrument is, once I mastered my guitar, I can't help but analyze ever piece of music I listen to, it's kind of annoying. My hiccups sound fake, they sound like a squeak, and my sneezes sound like a giggle and a squeak. I make weird high-pitched noises. I live to please those I love, I enjoy putting aside my problems to help others. I know I'll get my time to share my feelings, but I just have this overwhelming-ness to put others before myself. Yes, I think it's unhealthy, but I love the person I am, eating disorder and all.
Last Seen May 13, 2012
Member Since Jul 17, 2009
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  • a little Greek
  • and a little Cuban
  • and a little Polish
  • and a little Newfoundlander
  • and a little Irish
Vices sex, eating, puking, turning people on/flirting
Politics Anarchist
Horoscope Gemini
Special day
Books anything D&D
Music My fav's rang from paramore, the used & anti-flag to pantera, Pg.99, and Circle Takes A Square. I love loud music to head bang to & mosh to. I love to learn the guitar parts of bands I like.
Movies mostly scary, romantic and heart warming
Local Time August 4th, 4:47 PM
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