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I Have Family Members That Get On My Nerves

The first time I cussed, is when my sister pissed me off, and got me mad, I don't remember what, but I was pretty angry to the point where your own words start bursting out. But I usually just keep it... [more]
  • I Thought Of You Today

    I Remember I... I have lots of stories of about my weight and other stories in about, but this one I remember happening to me and I remember little of detail of it. I was doing the usual things I do ever… [more]
  • I Live With Social Anxiety

    It'S Only Me Time! I'm an introvert, shy, weird, quiet at school. most people talk behind my back on how much I'm too shy or too quiet. I relate to this experience I read a few minutes ago. "Yeah I'm quiet … [more]
  • I Use Music As Therapy For the Soul

    Don't you use music for therapy for the soul, especially when you're listening to 90s music. Music is just that amazing and that real. Music just takes you in, gives that type of emotion… [more]
  • I Think Kind People Are Beautiful

    Ya Need It! I know it isn't EVERYONES job or responsibility to cope with anyones problems or feelings, but we already have the advantage of with personal help ,and counseling . And I find it important for kids an… [more]