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i'm leaving EP add me on facebook if u want (unrealtrini magician-sumeer) IS MY FACEBOOK NAME

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I Am a Sensitive Person and Have Battled Depression For Years

Pray To Christ As I Roll The Dice i try to be a friend i try to be nice yet you treat me like a nasty mice i pray and pray to christ as i roll the dice why dont you treat me me nice [more]
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  • I May Not Be the Best Looking Person But I Have a Good Heart

    I May Not Be Handsome Or Attractive i may not be handsome or attractive i may not be fit i may not be smart as most of u but i know one thing i have a good heart i get miss treated alot i swear to u im a good person i ask my self y do a… [more]
  • I Was Emotionally Abused As a Child

    I Was Abused And Kidnapped i was abused as a kid from 3 to 19 when i was 11 i got kidnapped for 9 months i got away the first chance i got i never bin the same i was also abused at home and at school i hated my life… [more]
  • I Always Seem to Mess Things Up

    I'm A Fat Disgusting Pig I want to be thin. I grew up believing that thin was beautiful. I remember the time when everybody called me fat and ugly. You have no idea how far I went to be the total opposite of… [more]
  • I Am Depressed Because I'm Lonely

    Alone Is The Only Life I Know i never bin kiss i never on bin a date i never had a girl friend Love. Is that what I crave? If it is, then why can't I find it? Hate. Does that mean anger? If it doe… [more]