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welcome to my poetry, god given by the divinity, divine truth is where it's at, and i only deal in facts

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I Try to Avoid Aspartame

My Ode Entitled Aspartame Insane Aspartame: Insane Rots your Brain Found in Pepsi and Coca Cola And Robinson's Barley Water To name but a few Aspartame: Insane Rots your Brain Put... [more]
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  • I Admire Oprah Winfrey

    My Ode To Oprah Winfrey   An ode to oprah... Why have bread when you can have a schadenfreude   The oprah effect, documented, a commercial tsunami For those fortunate to get… [more]
  • I Everyone Should Have Their Own Creed

    My Own Personal Creed I believe in one creator consciousness Of which I constitute a small part Creator of the Multiverse Of all that is seen and unseen I believe that Master Jesus Was, like m… [more]
  • I Am 100 Percent Spiritual

    Still Dont Know It All and the clocks ticking but dont buy their lies just see suffering where none should be peace, joy, harmony should rule the world instead anarchy; shortly sad … [more]

    Posted on: December 19th, 2009 at 5:38AM

    the nazi's never went away taken to the USA and given pots of cash to continue where they left off.. this is why you should never get angry, upset, or angryever again we are 75-85% water, depending on which books you read. if your down, or just want the meaning of life try him IMAGINATION I MAGI NATION^^a nation of magicians! martial law coming soon to the USA 40 frightening statistics about the forthcoming collapse of the US economy… [more]



    Posted on: December 18th, 2009 at 4:10AM

    Hello Good people???I just found this blog, posting in it's entirity, in the hope that it might get some army wives see I really hope that one of you army wives might decide that on the war front, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, fighting for gangsters that claim to represent your country....IF ANYONE STOOD AGAINST OBAMA ON AN ANTI BLACK OPS TICKET THEY WOULD WALK IT...MONEY AINT AN ISSUE, CAN DO IT FOR A MILLION BUCKS....YOUR NOT TELLING ME A LOAD OF ARMY WIVES CAN RAISE A MILLION BUCKS TO SAVE THEIR COUNTRY FROM BEING RAPED!!!!Hell i am not even american, it's not my country, but you Army wives just aint thinking straight, like that poor muslim at Fort Hood that was scapegoated for a psyop… [more]



    Posted on: December 17th, 2009 at 9:37AM

    Hello Good people... Recently started posting on these boards, kind of figured the army wives of this world are humanity's last line of defence.... But from my early contacts with this breed, they have already been pre-programmed to do what the people in charge say: Without question... These people have all the Bush family Tour tee shirts, and believe exactly what they have been told.... To you good people: Consider these points 1)you get lied to every day by the mainstream media.. 2)you get mindf**ked by all the garbage TV you watch, subliminal messaging is a *****; the 20 ft high gold penis at Disneyworld really takes the biscuit... 3)you get poisoned by all the **** they put in the water;… [more]



    Posted on: December 18th, 2009 at 8:36AM

    Consider the domino effect??? who do you think is going to blink first???The USA, UK, europe...all fiat currencies f *** a personal perspective, i think its all going to start in January when Californ I A goes bust!!!! you watch that domino effect kick in baby!the politicians sold us all out down the river, putting interest rates down to protect the ban (no) wan kers, instead of up to protect the currencies...I really dont give a hoot, buggering off to the far east for a couple o month to avoid all the can all go **** up as far as i am concerned....I have no assets or savings; nothing invested in the scam.Sure times going to get tough… [more]