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I try to enjoy life and be thankful for everything God has given me and try to be close to God and I try to have a good attitude and try to read the bible more and be happy and try to help others

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I Want to Be Happy

Through God I Finally Found Happiness I  use to be oppressed and deppressed for most of my teenage life. The devil and his demons had me so oppressed that i couldnot enjoy life at all. I was even locked up in a mental hospital and... [more]
  • I Have Battled Depression And Won

    God Has Helped Me To Win My Battle With Depression When i was a teenager  i developed a  illness called bipolar disorder.  I went to the mental hospital for the first time  at age 16. I stayed in the mental hospital for 3 months for the first tim… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I sufffer from bipolar disorder
    Like it says in the bible that we go through trials to test our faith,I have been through many trials of oppression and deppression. I have been in a mental hospital many times.When i was in the hospital I could actually see demonic beings fighting to take away my mind. But it was during that time that God  showed me his mighty angels that were fighting for me also.I really thought that when I was 16 years old that I was gonna stay in that mental ward for the rest of my life because I was in there longer than I have ever been in a hospital for 3 months.Their was actually a war raging between angels and demons for my very soul and mind.In my darkest hour I seen angels that were trying to hel… [more]