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About I am not here looking for a relationship...I HAVE A BOYFRIEND, so don't even bother asking. mmm-kay?? thanks! I am me and that is all I ever will be. I am open-minded as well as open-hearted. I don't know everything and I don't pretend to. I'm just here for fun...and to give advice whenever I can. I have my own thoughts, opinions and views just like everyone else and I can be blunt, at times. I don't mean to offend, but I'm just being if that bothers you, I apologize...but I will never apologize for being honest. Also, for those who are here looking for trouble, know this: I am DONE putting up with people's drama and BS! I neither have the time or patience for it, leave all your drama and BS at the door and keep all of your rude comments to yourself, or take it somewhere else or your ass is blocked! If you're genuinely here seeking advice, or just need someone to talk to, then would be more than happy to help. I may not always have all the answers, but I'll always do the best I can...even if it's just simply listening. I understand that sometimes it's easier to talk to some stranger than someone you've known all your life, so that's what I am here for...but ONLY for those who truely want to be helped! I've been told that I am a good listener, I have a great sense of humor (there's a difference between being a smart-ass and just being an ass) and I am not easily offended. The only things that truely offend me are bigotry, racism, homophobes, bullying...pretty much anything that has to do with hate...and child molesters! (Don't push your luck!) I am probably one of the nicest people you will ever meet...but even the nicest people have their limits. I would never turn anyone away unless they gave me a reason if you need someone to talk to, don't hesitate to ask! :)
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Favorite Quote “Don't let the things you can't do stop you from doing the things you CAN do.”
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