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I Love Wine

Under Age Drinker I'm 20 and love alcohol. I'll be 21 in July and I'm scared. Knowing I wont have to count on anyone to get alcohol drinks for me and I might really get out of control is so real to me. No one in my... [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Why can't I see my own light?
    Most of my life I been told I was going to become something great/important/wonderful but sadly I can't see it. Multiple times I bee told I'm a success story waiting to be told. I'm grateful others can see something in me but I wish I could also see it. I dont see myself as outgoing, smart, nor pretty. I see myself as average nothing more nor nothing less. In life all I want is to be pleasing in God sight, happy, a dentist and around people that loves me. I don't mean to sound so negative about myself but this is how I see me. In the end why can't I see this great person in the making like others can.....… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    OMG I want to makeout with my bestie!!! Please read and comment!
    Ok first my best friend is a girl. We been close friends for 3 year and we grew up together. 2 years ago she told me she was gay and I was like ok. Ok so the point is I really want to makeout with her because she's cute and she has the most wonderful lips! Ugh what should I do? I don't want a relationship nor do I want it to go further than kissing. Sooooo confused right now. I played around with a girl once but that's all.… [more]
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    Ummm Yeah
    Ok first I know Im drunk but my feelings for myself is so real. My heart feels heavy and I feel lost. I drink Because I want to feel numb but when the boozes fades away i come back to reality that im a sad unhappy person. I drink because it numbs my feeling the worthiness I feel deep inside> It hides my true colors but in the end it all comes out. So take me as I am or nothing at all.  This is me!… [more]
  • School Confessions

    Lately I notice I have a need to be prefect with my school work. I know its some inner issues going on but I can't help it. If I don't be prefect on each test it like my world is crushed. It take me forever to get over that I made a 99 instead of a 100 on a test. I wasn't always like this because I used to be a B average student and that was fine. Now I feel like if I make a B I'm not good enough. If I dont get an A I feel useless and like I'm a failure. All through my life I have felt I'm not good enough. Even when I get an 100 I don't feel happy. I be grateful but not proud.......… [more]