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About very deep mind for mains. A touch of quirkiness as a side dish. And a pile of Solitude as deserts.yep .. thats me. Very quirky(in a good way) have a lot of interests and am happy with the way i am(most of the time) Usually dont have much to say, but am trying to change this and be more social. Have come out of a weird 9 year relationship with my ex best friend.. It can be hard to deal with and find being alone now the best cure for this . I would like to meet someone nice and mentally very mature one day who would be willing to try and love. But i feel this will never happen. So in the meantime i suppress my feeling and get on with my own life.. Am after new and interesting friends atm . Have a couple of friends, however nothing beats having more and i encourage those who like talking/discussing/chatting to say hello or experience things with me on here. im very open minded about most things.. maybe stay away from Politics and Religion unless you think the same as me for i can be quit harsh. Love my music and live my emotions through songs. I update my songs on my profile more than i update my status.. so if you want to know what mood im in just look at the video :)
Last Seen Oct 28, 2012
Member Since Jan 19, 2010
Favorite Quote “Kill one man and your a murderer. Kill a million , a king. Kill them all, a god”
  • 100% Australian
  • and a little Irish
  • and a little Scottish
Vices smoking..but am below 10 a da and will give up soon.
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